Here’s Sarah, participating in my “intro to tempera paint” workshop.

From experience, I have found that adults don’t give themselves enough time to do the things that they love. I get it; I’m a Mom too and we are notorious for giving 110% to our children and their interests! That’s why I make my adult workshops short and sweet and try to jam pack as much information and skill development into a minimal amount of time as possible. In as little as three hours, I can help you brush up on your watercolour or acrylic painting skills, walk you through realistic drawing and shading, show you tips and techniques for collage work and so much more. I graduated from the University of Manitoba Fine Arts Honours program with a focus on multi-medium layering, so I LOVE TO PLAY WITH ALL KINDS OF ART SUPPLIES, separately or together. Contact me if you’re interested in getting an adult art workshop up and running!