What is a Clever Corvid painting party all about?

One of many fantastic painting parties at The Howey in Red Lake.

Are you looking for a fun night out that is a bit different than what you may be used to? Why not try a Clever Corvid painting party? Perhaps you’re thinking, “No way, man! I don’t know how to paint!” If you have no experience with painting, that’s not a problem if you have a willingness to try. I walk you step by step through the creative process of making an art piece that you can truly call your own. I will show you how to hold the brush, how to mix the paint, how to apply it and give you all kinds of tips that will help you to become a more experienced maker. I make sure to give LOTS of room for personal expression in my painting party; after all, we’re not all made with the same cookie cutter, right? Pick your own composition, pick your own colours, add your own ideas…that’s what art is all about. Or just follow me step by step, colour by colour while you get comfortable with the process and then branch out on your own with the NEXT painting party. It’s allllll good. 😉

  • Children’s home based painting parties are great for birthday parties!
  • I can travel to many different communities: Ignace, Dryden, Sioux Lookout, Vermilion Bay, Kenora, Ear Falls, Red Lake and anywhere in between.
  • Adult home based parties are a super fun, unique night with your besties.
  • A painting party makes for an excellent Christmas or team building party for a business

What kind of art is made?

My painting parties are one of a kind! I love experimenting with different types of art supplies and love bringing that to the painting parties I offer. One month we may be doing watercolour paintings, the next month we might be painting on glassware. I have one painting party where we paint on vinyl records or barn board from the farm! We have explored collage work in painting parties, acrylic texture painting, and “poor man’s” oil pastel paintings. The possibilities are truly endless! Check out the samples below to see what has been and can be taught. The list grows more and more each month as well.

Home-Based or on location….there are options!

I have painting parties monthly at The Howey Restaurant Lounge and Motel here in Red Lake, so why not make a night of it? Start off with a fantastically delicious meal, then come over to the “breakfast room” for a night of art with a drink or two in stow.

I can also come to you! If you’d prefer to have a painting party in your home or a place of your choosing, all you have to do is make the arrangements and I’ll bring my supplies to where ever you want me to be. You know what is great about homebased painting parties? POTLUCKS AND PAJAMAS! I require a minimum amount of people for home based party, and suggest that plans are made well in advance, as my schedule fills up pretty fast!

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