Rhonda Bobinski Beckman


University of Manitoba Bachelor of Education Major in Fine Arts/ Minor in English, Winnipeg, Manitoba         1995-1997
University of Manitoba Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours,  Major in Multi-medium Drawing/Minor in Photography Winnipeg, Manitoba   1991-1995
Queens University Honours Specialist in Visual Arts Education   2004


  • Excellent communication skills in a variety of formats
  • Strong project management skills (have directed many multi leveled art programs such as mural program, outdoor art, education program through heritage centre) as well as managed the building/construction of my own home
  • Extensive knowledge of the creative process and can apply this process to any assigned task
  • Expert in Visual Arts, specifically multi-medium layering and unconventional techniques
  • Strong brainstorming skills
  • Strong passion in the love of one’s community, especially through volunteer initiatives and the ability to motivate others to action


Sole Proprietor of The Clever Corvid Art and Art Workshops with Rhonda Beckman    2015-today

  • Motivated to develop educational art programming throughout the district that instills the philosophy of developing creative and critical thinking skills through art creation for all age groups
  • Independent art creation for self-expression mainly focusing on reclaimed and upcycled materials
  • Solely responsible for program development, art supply stock, ordering, and budgeting based on demographic projections
  • Prepare and display artwork at local markets
  • Community based workshops that bring all age groups together thinking of a specific theme
  • Private art lessons based on self-guided inquiry-based learning
  • Developing a space for a future artist retreat experience to share with other artists
  • Artist in residence programming in various schools in the region
  • Signage and logo design work for businesses
Visual Arts Teacher at Red Lake District High School  Red Lake, Ontario 09/95 – 2017
Tasks include developing yearly course outlines, unit plans and lesson plans for the Visual Arts programs from Grade 9 to 12. Teach students to be intrinsically motivated by their own passions and use them towards creation. Responsible for buying all art supplies for the whole year within budget limits. Integrate the use of idea journals and portfolios in the art class to enhance students’ awareness of the importance of Art. Develop programs to meet the needs of a variety of student levels and developmental skills from alternative education programs to university level programming.    
Youth in the Arts Coordinator for RLDHS Art Club’s Crazily Creative Open House, Red Lake, Ontario 05/13
Directed the RLDHS Youth Arts Club in developing and assisting in the running of eleven creative workshops such as landscape painting, making sushi, and conquering an obstacle course, had live music at three separate venues, displayed artwork throughout the school from photography to metal work, portraiture to paddles.    
Artistic Director for the Chukuni Communities Development Corporation’s Mural Program Red Lake, Ontario 1/11 – 9/11
Coordinated the creation of three separate mural projects based on age level (children, teenagers, adults)Helped the artistic directors of each group stimulate the artists to create murals that were age appropriate and reflected the overall theme of “My Red Lake”. Ensured that murals were completed to a high caliber and properly displayed in high impact areas within the community.    
Artistic Director for the Red Lake Regional Heritage Centre’s Outdoor Art Gallery Program Red Lake, Ontario /06 – /09
Originally participated as artist in 2003 before taking on job as artistic director in 2006. Developed a full program on how to run an outdoor art gallery to be shared with other communities, which included information on the whole creative process, coordinating and teaching artists of various skill levels, budgeting and how to use art supplies properly. Brought recognition to local artists by being published in Bearskin Airlines in-flight magazine.    
Educational Program Developer for the Red Lake Regional Heritage Centre Red Lake, Ontario /04 – /05
Developed programs at the high school level which connected several subject areas creatively to the history of our communities.  


Developed and ran “Art in the Dark”; an exhibition of art work with Catherine MacDonald, at the Red Lake Polish Hall. 07/95
Exhibited work at Gallery 1.1.1. for the University of Manitoba School of Art thesis show in Winnipeg, Manitoba. 04/95
Participated in “SAG at the WAG” (subject area group workshops at the Winnipeg Art Gallery) that focus on art education. /97 – /10
Founding member and co-chair of Red Lake’s Communities in Bloom Committee which included creating the adopt-a-pot flower program which ran in the community until 2018. /01 – /05
Ran “Studio 51 North” for people in the community to have the opportunity to work on their art in a large studio setting. /04 – /05
Founding member of the Wilderness Artists Council in Red Lake.   /08
Committee member of the Woodland Art Festival which showcased Norval Morrisseau and today’s Woodland artists that were inspired by him. /07 – /08
Participated in “Artpreneur; the Art of Managing Your Career” in Kenora, run through the Northwest Business Center. /09
Created a mural with students from RLDHS after developing a Community Arts Course at the school in collaboration with Debajimajig. /10
Designed the menus and an outdoor mural for the Lakeview Restaurant that showcases the history of the restaurant. /10
Participated in the Wilderness Artist Council’s Artrageous Show, selling art locally along with other artists. Display art work annually at The Red Lake Regional Heritage Centre’s Art show which was connected to the Wilderness Artist’s Council. /10 – /12 ongoing  
In collaboration with Kaaren Dannenmann, Gary Worrall and Chris Amell, executed “Project Pikangikum” where an art piece I created that was commissioned by Kaaren was turned into prints for sale to assist in the purchasing and installation of smoke alarms in every home in the community. This was a community effort that saw prints being sold nation wide. Left over funds are used to ensure continual education in schools of fire safety. 2016
Participate in workshops that are offered in the community as often as possible, such as watercolour painting, encaustics, sculptural felting, acrylic landscape painting, silkscreening, and photography. ongoing
Participate in workshops that focus on the well being of people in the community such as the OPP run cyber bullying workshop, Mental Heath Canada’s Mental Health First Aid, and the “invisible knapsack”. ongoing
Donate art regularly to charities such as the Cancer Society’s “Chair-ity” auction, Relay for Life, the Miners Hockey League and local auction fundraisers. ongoing
Continue to sell artwork locally and online through venues such as Facebook. ongoing  

Bought 167 acres of land with the goal of eventually sharing the space with creatives. This is an ongoing project that will take years to come to fruition.

Initiator and organizer of “Revitalize Red Lake”; a group that focuses on the positive betterment of the community through small projects and activities.

Have been writing a weekly article in the newspaper for over 4 years now, focusing on the arts, community, and creativity