Are you ready to take one of my workshops, available on Teachable, but don’t have the supplies you need? I have set up this page so that you have access to supplies in a variety of ways; whether locally or online. You might want to bookmark this page for yourself and come back often, as I will update it every time I post a new workshop.

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Acrylic Painting Workshops

Liquitex Basics acrylic paint in tubes

Hog hair stiff bristled paint brushes

soft bristled paint brushes

primed canvas *Please do not buy canvas “boards”. They are usually loaded with glue and eventually eat through the canvas. (They are not acid free!)

canvas paint pad *These are excellent for practicing techniques and easy to cut up and put into your idea journal/scrap book or make a reference book for yourself.

palette knives

blow dryer

masking or painter’s tape

painter’s apron

The Toilet Paper Roll Challenge

toilet paper


leftie scissors

liquid tempera paint


low temperature glue gun

low temperature glue sticks

duct tape

coloured construction paper

googly eyes

washable markers


white school glue

glitter glue *this is much preferable over glitter (which gets alllll over the place. Trust me. It does.)

Primitive Pottery

raw, unprimed canvas

pottery tools

clay cutter *You can use just plain wire as well, or a durable string, but these tools are pretty handy to have.

Musical Instrument Supplies

small, durable paper plates

round craft sticks

popsicle sticks

colourful ribbon

bottle caps


Local Sources For Supplies

Because I have duel citizenship at the moment 😉 I am able to shop in both Dryden and Red Lake (when Covid 19 was not an issue. At the moment I only shop in Red Lake). There are a lot of supplies readily available here in town. These are my go-to’s:

Mitchel’s Midtown Grocery: Donna’s Dollar Store in Red Lake

They have a wide variety of art and craft supplies available. If they don’t have it, they’ll do what they can to order it in for you. There store is usually open in the evenings as well which is a bonus.

Wilson’s Stationary in Red Lake and Dryden

Wilson’s carries a lot of high end and low end supplies, so you can get good quality acrylic paint and tempera puck paints. Their prices are reasonable and they also try to bring in what they might not have available.

Red Apple in Red Lake

The Red Apple does not carry a lot of art supplies, but they have a good office supply section for items such as tape, staplers, etc. They also have a lot of toys and kits (like the ones for making jewelry, etc) that can be taken apart to use the supplies in different ways.

Walmart in Dryden

Walmart does have an art supply section and has a lot of crafty supplies that are great for kid’s crafts (such as fun patterned buttons or emoji beads). They also carry some fixatives and other protective sprays that are useful for drawings that use charcoal or chalk pastel.

Dryden Dollar Store in the Golden Mile Plaza and The Downtown Dollar Store

These are great store for craft supplies. They have a wide variety of silk flowers, doodads, popsicle sticks, mini lights, wooden boxes, etc for your craft projects. Again, they do not carry high quality paints but they do have a lot of craft paints and supplies. You can also get brushes and low end stretched canvases here.

Online Sources

I try to do most of my online shopping in Canada since the price of the dollar is so low at the moment. Here are my go-to art suppliers in Canada:


Curry’s has great supplies but they are not consistent in keeping the same brand. As a teacher, I became dependent on ordering the same thing over and over again, and I have noticed in the last couple of years, that Curry’s just stops carrying some of these. I can no longer get tempera puck paints from Curry’s. When I asked why, they said they are not in demand. Meanwhile, every teacher in the world loves puck paints. The thing is, they are a good quality, low budget option, so my personal opinion is that they stopped carrying the brand so they can sell more expensive tempera paints. The liquid form is bigger and bulkier and does not have as much malleability as the pucks. Anyway, rant over. The DO have good items. It also just takes a million years to get your order; especially around the beginning of school years and Christmas time.


It has been a long time since I ordered from Wallacks but recently re-introduced myself to their website. I was pleasantly surprised to see that they have a point system and you receive 200 points just for joining. Sweet deal!


I have always enjoyed my experience of ordering from Desserres.

School Specialty

Their website is brutal to navigate through, but they have some unique items that are difficult to find anywhere else. This is where I ordered my rubber fish that I use for printmaking. This is also where I have been able to order puck paints. Their prices are really high, mainly because they cater to schools.

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